Empowering Students in Redesigned Spaces

PETE&C 2018 w/ @KenEhrmann

We believe in student-centered learning but yet many classrooms still reflect the outdated sit-and-get lecture style of teaching. 21st-century classrooms need to promote the type of active learning educators are striving for. The journey will take you from flexible seating to redesigning giant learning spaces. Learn specific strategies on how to pair your instructional style with the design of your learning space.  Learn specific places to purchase furniture and resources to completely fund your project when there is no money to spare.

Making Makerspaces - The Myths and Realities

PETE&C 2018

Starting a makerspace in your school? Have a makerspace that is underused? Hear about the myths, best practices and lessons learned when it comes to improving your school’s makerspace. Participants will leave equipped with resources such as procedures, budgets, tools/equipment, layouts and K-12 lesson/project ideas – all grades, all contents.

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ISTE 2019 w/ @EdTechNeighbor

We are all searching for the best instructional experiences for our learners but may not have the budget for elaborate gadgets. We specialize in creating cost-effective, student-centered experiences. Step alongside as we rotate through hands-on stations, discuss mindsets and victories made possible with integrating STEAM.

Making Makerspaces

Tips, suggestions, concepts, and mindsets when creating a school makerspace. Presentation was given at STEM Camp EDU 2018.

Making Makers

Tap into students’ intrinsic motivation to create! How having a Maker Mindset can impact learning and promote student engagement. Tips, resources and lesson ideas included.